A message to moms

Healthy Baby seeks Healthy Mom: before, during & after.

What mother ever asks to have a child born without all of its faculties or 100% of the gift of life they dream of bringing into this world. If this is so, why have rates of SIDS, birth defects, cancer, ADD, ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s and other “issues” become so prevalent today? This all starts within Mom. The creator is the initial cause of a child’s health issues.

Remember your parents saying “they hoped you have a child that was just like you.” That is the case in more than one way. While you give your baby the gift of all of the good in your genes; a pregnant woman will also push many of the toxins and chemicals that are stored in her body into her baby in utero.

Toxins and chemicals, heavy metals, glyphosate and other pesticides, fire retardants, forever chemicals from the past and more, are stored in fat and other tissues of the body. These toxins are pushed across the placenta into the fetus from the first day of conception. It is through this process the game of chance begins. It is Survivor, the real game, as a baby is tested as to whether it can develop in the toxic soup created for it. If this environment is too much to bear, a woman will miscarry. Some women aren’t ever able to conceive because of their toxic load.

Miscarriage continues to be a topic not openly discussed because of the emotions involved with losing a child. It is important to understand we are all victims of our environment. Many women have miscarried once, twice, four, eight times or more before being able to give birth to a child or even between births of children. This process, while terrible to endure, is the body’s natural attempt to create a better environment for the mother. Unfortunately it has terrible consequences on your mental well being.

This isn’t your fault. We are all toxic! We’ve become more toxic over generations due to this process of toxins being passed maternally down through generations, in addition to our persistent environmental exposure living in this world. The EWG (Environmental Working Group) continues studies where they find over 287 different chemicals in the cord blood of infants. Add this with our other environmental factors we deal with daily and it is easy to understand why we are a population dealing with pandemics of mental and physical health issues relating to toxicity.

So the question is, do you want healthy kids? Whether they are already born, being carried currently or planned to be conceived; you have to get these killer toxins out.

How? You have to get into the parts of the body where these chemicals, metals and toxins are being sequestered and stored, where they do their most damage. The brain, central nervous system, tissues and fat of the body are the primary areas required to be addressed. Systemic detoxification isn’t the latest lemon juice cleanse or 30 day fast or or detox challenge. Until recently a truly effective method to safely and systemically remove these killers has not been available.

Practitioners have done everything they could based on their training to try to find solutions to help you and your family but have come up short. The methods just haven’t been available, until now. Recent advancement in pharmacology and chemistry have created a new proven “solution” derived from nature’s best creation for cleaning the environment. A proprietary process which turns a natural detoxifying zeolite crystal, clinoptilolite, into nano-micro cage particles capable of systemically binding toxins in the deepest reaches of the body needing to be cleaned: your central nervous system, brain, fat, organs and other cells and tissues.

This invention does this passively with 100% safety as it has been proven safe for consumption as a food additive. It won’t hurt you, your baby or your children… but it might help.

If healthy kids are your desire, step outside the standard thinking to change your life and the life of your loved ones. Make sure they end up better than you, not just like you!

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