Blood Sugar Resistance

A Different Look at Insulin Resistance and Potentiation: Unblock the Receptor Sites.

The body has a unique ability to regenerate, heal and adapt to its environment. That is until the environment becomes too burdensome for the body to adapt. Let us take a quick look at an issue that affects tens of millions of Americans and millions more beyond our borders: Diabetes. Be sure that you keep in mind that these thoughts and ideas are in no way designed to talk about treating or curing diabetes. In fact, once one is diagnosed with diabetes they will always be “diabetic” but there is always the opportunity to become subclinical. Whether a diagnosed diabetic can regulate their blood sugar via diet, exercise and lifestyle they are still diabetic.

As a population we have focused on the diet, exercise and lifestyle to combat the symptoms of diabetes for decades. Now we can talk about an additional approach to possibly look at one of the main causes of insulin resistance. Your cells have insulin binding sites just as they have binding sites for other hormones like testosterone and estrogen or nutrients like protein, fats and carbohydrates. It is well proven that heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, arsenic and lead amongst a long list of other environmental chemicals and toxins block different receptor sites of cells, and some of these toxins also block insulin receptor sites.

Toxic Cells Don’t Function Well.

Let’s look at the symptoms of being toxic just briefly. First toxins build up in adipose tissue as well as other parts of the body, like the brain. Your brain uses fat to store toxins in order to keep them from damaging critical parts of the body as the body does not have the ability to effectively remove these toxins from the body. As you become more and more toxic you can add significantly more fat. And we all know that obesity has been linked to high risk of diabetes and now it is directly linked to significantly increased cancer risk.

Makes you think, right? Body stores toxins in fat, toxins are known to cause cancer and diabetes, fatter people have higher cancer and diabetes risk. Hmmm. Are you then sick or just toxic?

So what happens if you are able to detoxify your cells and tissue? This is the trillion dollar question. Instead of treating the symptoms of insulin resistance why not just remove what is blocking your cells from assimilating insulin. If you are able to get into the cells where these blockages are taking place and remove the cause of the blockage you free up the binding site available for insulin which in turns allows the cell to buffer insulin from the blood stream. The continued detoxification of cells allows improved assimilation of insulin, which decreases the amount of insulin and sugar in the bloodstream, over time causing A1C Levels to decrease and possibly lead to becoming subclinical.

When this process also cleans out the adipose tissue of stored toxins, fat can dissipate as it is no longer needed as a storage medium. The best part is knowing that this process goes beyond your cells, into the brain and central nervous system where amazing changes can take place regarding your total systemic function.

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