beautiful minds

Premium science based products come from a science based thought process.

ROOT proudly presents some of the most beautiful minds of wellness, integrative health and science as our collaborators.

Dr. Anna Blessing

Dr. Anna Blessing, PhD is an experienced Biofeedback Specialist and Transpersonal Therapist. With a demonstrated history of working in the healthcare industry for over a decade. She is a leader in Biofeedback and Neurofeedback Sciences and Microcurrent Therapies...

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Dr. Dori Naerbo

PhD, MSBA and MSc is a University of Liverpool graduate and specializes in clinical core outcomes in stem cell clinical trials, commercialization of cellular treatments, nutriceuticals, and business development. Dori provides access to her network of world-class scientists and researchers...

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Dr. Tina Božičnik

Tina Bozicnik, MD is a pediatrician, acupuncturist and kid’s wellness and wellbeing specialist and parenting coach. She holds several certifications in energy medicine. When applying for medical school she had the belief that there are no incurable diseases and that there must be a way to know how to cure them...

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