our story

ROOT was brought to life by a small group of us who believed in something big.

We realized if we put our personal journeys, beautiful failures, and collective brains together, we could get to the root of health issues.

Throughout each of our lives, we’ve had our share of serious health battles. We learned first hand that synthetic ingredients weren't the only answer. Once we tapped into the power of roots, plants, seeds, and vegetables, we discovered we could retrain our bodies to function naturally again.

So, we set out to find organic, vegan solutions to life’s everyday problems, centered around getting bad things out of our bodies and putting good things in.

We ran the idea by industry leaders and people we respected and the response was overwhelming. ROOT was seen as not only a great line of products, but as a new approach to self-preservation.

For us, ROOT is a way of bringing the forces of nature and science together. We hope it inspires you to live happier and healthier every single day.