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Clinoptilolite is a naturally occurring volcanic mineral, much like quartz, with a unique honeycomb cage structure with a negative charge having the ability to naturally bind and trap a multitude of environmental toxins. There are over 80 different types of Zeolites, of which clinoptilolite has been shown to be the most effective and beneficial. Not just for consumption but also for environmental clean up, remediation of radioactive site, kitty litter, water filters and more. You have had clinoptilolite in your life for a long time and just were not aware. Clinoptilolite has been used for millennia. Clinoptilolite is known as nature’s most powerful detoxifier possessing a unique ability to remove many different toxins and chemicals from the environment. ROOT created a proprietary mechanism to allow clinoptilolite to remove these toxins from your environment. Clinoptilolite acts as a molecular sieve very specific for heavy metals and toxins, viral particles and others such as glyphosate, agent orange, depleted uranium. As clinoptilolite passes through the body in its Clean Slate form, it binds toxins, heavy metals, allergens and other harmful substances in its cage structure then allows for the passive elimination from the body through your urine. CleanSlate is a solution of nanotized clinoptilolite fragments using a patent-pending proprietary process which cleans the cages and breaks apart the natural honeycomb cage structure of the clinoptilolite into much smaller fragments that are capable of permeating cellular membranes.

Clean Slate is two parts science and one part magic. But really it may be more magic as the body is amazing when it is clean and functioning as it is truly capable. The nano fragments in Clean Slate act as little scavengers of toxins in your system. The large variance is fragment sizes allows them to work in different parts of the body. By binding and removing the toxins while still in your body, Clean Slate is not only cleaning up your systems but also allowing your body to begin cleaning itself and creating a better environment all by itself. Through these methods, it safely and passively supports the removal of toxins from cells, body and brain tissue.

The recommended use of Clean Slate is 10 drops orally twice a day. Taking first thing in the morning and just before bed being ideal. This is done to work with the circadian rhythm of the body. Smaller humans or those who are concerned of detoxing too quickly can start or use lower amounts. There is also nothing wrong with starting low and titrating up, increasing dosages, every few days. Your pets love Clean Slate as well, don’t be afraid to add a little to their food.
Clinoptilolite is GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) with the FDA as a food additive. Clean Slate is derived from a 100% natural mineral. It has no side effects and does not cause allergic reactions. The crystal has zero nutritional value and it is not a supplement. It acts to remove bad toxins while not adding anything to your system. While it does not add anything, the passive removal of toxins allows the body to do some very interesting things. So any “effect” that you may deem to be a negative may just be a response your body has to working to clean out some of the mess inside of you. The effect of using Clinoptilolite is true systemic detoxification of the body. There might be signs of detoxification that are specific to each individual body. Yet, detoxification is often so challenging that people put off a regimen, or stop soon after they’ve begun. Many individuals feel worse before they feel better with other detox protocols. These are commonly not experienced with Clean Slate. Clean Slate can improve the function of pharmaceuticals which means your drugs may work better and this can mean improved function which may allow you to use less of the drugs but it may also mean a possible increase in adverse affects as well. If you are taking prescription medications it is important to track your progress with your practitioner to assure you are using the best dosages. You may find over time of using Clean Slate that you might no longer need the medications, a clean body does some amazing things.
Well, we have never had you as a Clean Slate user before so we can’t really say. Each of us is unique and we all come from unique environments. Everyone is different. The first results of zeolite use can typically be seen very quickly. You will notice changes it could be as soon as after a few hours after ingestion. The effects could be visible as the color of your urine and changes in mood. You may have your body desire to flush some things out very quickly, it happens but not often. Could be either end and sometimes both. These are great signs of your body kicking in to flush toxins out on its own. Kinda freaky at first but a good thing. You may experience better sleep and improved dreams, more energy, improved cognitive function, brain fog going away and such. We have seen lots of weight loss experiences due to the systemic removal of toxins decreasing negative inflammation. Your results may be different. The most important component is the product works every time. Working like a rare earth magnet in your body trapping toxins. Once the surface area is loaded up it will leave. As many as 8 in 10 people who consumed the CleanSlate noticed an improvement in mood immediately after the ingestion of the zeolite. However, after prolonged use, energy increases are to be expected. Considering the fact that it has no side effects Clean Slate is a great product to use today and until you stop breathing.
It is absolutely imperative to drink plenty of water for two reasons: 1. It assists the body in flushing toxins 2. It replaces the water that your body is using to rehydrate cells.
The list of positive effects of zeolite on the body is very long. Regularly detoxifying the body brings many benefits to your health. Most products, because of their possible side effects and unpleasant consequences, should not be used continuously, and over time the body may become dependent on them. Clean Slate (Clinoptilolite), however, has no side effects and cannot be overdosed. Its special negatively charged honeycomb molecular structure allows binding of heavy metals, allergens, toxins and other harmful substances in the body. It is also known as the most powerful natural detoxifier in the world. Clean Slate (Clinoptilolite) does not lose its effectiveness after prolonged use.
– may assist in weight loss from removal of toxins from fat – may improve hair and nail growth – may enhance cognitive function – may improve vision and hearing – may improve energy – may cause elimination of disease symptoms by removing the underlying cause – may assist in regulation of blood pressure – may support healthy blood sugar levels – may improve organ function such as kidneys, liver, pancreas and others – may improve cardiovascular health – may improve nutrient absorption – may increase cellular hydration – may have you feeling amazing – may assist the reduction of negative inflammation by removing the root cause of the issues.
Due to the positive properties, Clean Slate is recommended as the foundation of your wellness program even if you “feel” you do not need it at all. We are all toxic, Clean Slate is your passive cleaning machine. Just like you continue to clean your house or apartment and change your air filters, wash your sheets, clean your kitchen and such, Clean Slate is your internal housekeeper. While Clean Slate is recommended for adult use only on the label, our families of all ages use the product with great result. You are the head of your household. You make the choices that determine how well your family can be, we choose to clean up our little ones as much as our old ones. We also suggest that you consult with your physician or family doctor before using it.
Ideal use of Clean Slate would be from womb to tomb but we are past that aren’t we. Clean Slate is designed as a long-term passive detoxification mechanism. Since you are continually exposed to toxins on a daily basis, it may be a really good to keep Clean Slate in or around your body consistently. Your use may decrease after a few years of consistent use as your body will be better suited to manage the environment more effectively. You may find that 5-10 drops twice a day of Clean Slate is the foundation to your healthy life assurance plan.

Root Zero in

Simply, Zero-In is your favorite pill, ever. An all-natural nootropic (as we like to call it) blend of five adaptogens and two catalysts that when taken orally will allow the gut to produce the neurotransmitters dopamine & serotonin, and send them to the brain. Increased dopamine has been associated with improved mood, relaxed feelings, improved focus, concentration, mental clarity and just feeling really good.
You’ve never had anything like this before because it hasn’t been available. Zero-In took 3 years to develop. Zero-In uses an understanding of pharmacokinetics and bioscience to deliver a product with not only results but a serious impact. Biohacking should be done by biotech. Our team has significant backgrounds in biotech including post doc work in the Harvard nanotechnology bioengineering system.
It is recommended to take Zero-In on an empty stomach. One pill in the morning when you want to get going and another in the afternoon. Some find taking two in the morning makes for a great day. We have found one pill can provide benefits for up to five hours. It is not recommended to exceed more than 4 capsules in a day.
Men and women respond differently to dopamine so don’t compare your results with the opposite sex. They may not be congruent. Increased dopamine in women is associated with a relaxed and calm feeling while being able to multitask and think more clearly. We all know men can’t multitask but increased dopamine in men is associated with the increase in mental focus, clarity and mood.
Zero-In will usually “kick” in approximately 10-20 minutes when taken on an empty stomach. In some instances, You may be dopamine deficient, what a terrible thing, and the full effect of Zero-In may take a couple of days as your body being to produce more neurotransmitters to get you to “normal” and beyond

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