We know that our actions can make a real difference, not only today but tomorrow too. It is our goal to continue advancing the cause of conservation while providing direct support where necessary. Thanks to our collective efforts over time, we hope that future generations will be able to enjoy a better world filled with more opportunity than ever before!


Providing health and hope to the planet

At Root, we believe in doing more than just providing superior products. We are also on a mission to create meaningful and lasting change through the power of philanthropy. We strive to empower communities through environmental, social, and animal initiatives. As a community, we are working tirelessly to ensure the steps we take now will make a positive impact on our precious world.

The core objective of our mission

From environmental conservation projects to investments in education for underprivileged children, we take an active role in creating lasting change. We are dedicated to making sure that our initiatives bring real change in both the short-term and long-term, with a focus on developing and giving to sustainable models that can continue after our initial investment. We use our platform to help amplify the voices of marginalized communities who are impacted by these issues and bring visibility to their causes. At Root, we seek out partnerships with organizations that share in our vision of a more sustainable future. Our efforts have enabled us to provide improved access to education and medical care, promote animal welfare initiatives, and improve environmental conservation projects. These three pillars – environment, people and animals – are at the heart of our mission: To empower communities through philanthropy by building a better world together.

“We do what we can every day in pursuit of doing more for our planet, its people, and their animals.”