I am beyond grateful to have been led to these leading edge, life changing products! ZERO IN delivers sustained levels of heightened Clarity, Calm and Energy-in a way that no trendy supplements EVER have! I remain in awe of the undeniable effectiveness of CLEAN SLATE! As a salon industry professional, I am surrounded by chemicals daily..I have a renewed piece of mind, that I am taking charge of my health like never before! My favorite ‘side effects’ of this product: Morning fog has been lifted, Belly bloat has been blasted, AND long time stubborn nail fungus? Dissolving, as if by magic! These two products truly support the quest for an EMPOWERED lifestyle!!!

Olenka C.

What drew me to try The Root Brands products was Clean Slate, their amazing detox product. My 79 year old husband was showing signs of dementia and had given up playing the trumpet ,his difficulty in speaking clearly and finding the right words had become more pronounced. He started both products in March and is back to daily Trumpet practice. His speech is slowly improving and while he still has difficulties he is holding longer conversations. He had avoided speaking except to family and close friends so this is great sign. Also he is back to his Painting and his Astrological pursuits. I take both products and tell my friends 82 is the new 62 but truly feel my energy and focus is like being back in my fifties.

Joy H

The use of Clean Slate as a detoxifier of heavy metals and toxins is the easiest, most effective way I have ever experienced. Some may say “they aren’t noticing anything when first using,’s just that subtle!” Signs of detox through skin and minor symptoms of discomfort gone within a few days as my body releases toxins. Zero-In capsules are equally as safe and effective. Thankful everyday for the clarity, endurance and zest for life back that I feel from Zero-In!

Patty G.
Serial entrepreneur

My sister turned me onto the ROOT brand products ZeroIn and Clean Slate. My boyfriend and I both take a prescription medication intended to help with focus, so we decided to do a test. We both took a ZeroIn around 1 pm. He’s 6’2” and 250 pounds and I am 5’4” and 140 pounds. we noticed a difference immediately upon trying the ZeroIn! It gave me a mood boost and motivation and energy to work out, and my boyfriend had the same experience. He’s an artist and he said that the ZeroIn makes him feel revived and helps him work for hours with sustained focus. We both felt like it gave us the lift of a cup of coffee but without the jitters.

I am a big fan of better living through chemistry – but I have decided that this product far surpasses anything that I have ever tried for focus and mood. I definitely recommend and plan to replace my prescriptions with these 2 products. I’m very excited!

Susan Hill

I’ve struggled with my health for years and feel like I have been on an endless quest for answers and solutions. I was introduced to Clean Slate several months ago and I am noticing some of my autoimmune symptoms are subsiding, my skin is amazing and those pesky sugar cravings are gone. I am pleasantly surprised and cant wait to see what happens in another 3 months!

Brenda B