Life and Making a Living

At ROOT, our goal is to create products that honestly improve your life on a daily basis. We know that when you love something, it’s only natural to share it with people you care about.

Part of living a healthy life also includes having a healthy bank account. That’s why we’ve created a revolutionary community sharing model that allows you to reap the rewards of ROOT, from a wellness perspective, and financially.

The great part is, you don’t have to jump through any tricky sales hoops to do it.

Spreading Health + Wealth

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You may be a fan of ROOT products and simply enjoy living healthier; that is awesome! We love our customers! However, if you know people in your community who would benefit from our products, why not spread the ROOT love?

We make it easy. You can share ROOT as a customer, or join our affiliate community and receive money and rewards for doing so.

As an affiliate, simply share ROOT with your community and watch your bank account grow. When you help your community members grow, you can earn points, rewards and bonuses based on the amount of ROOT products purchased throughout your entire global family.

It’s the world’s simplest rewards plan that keeps growing as you do.

Get your Quick-Start Guide to the ROOT REWARDS PLAN here.